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Whippin’ Up A strategy that drives up your sales

Want a marketing strategy that will put lines of customers outside your restaurant?
Want a marketing team that is worthy of 3 Michelin stars, who will make your customers book in advance to have a seat at your table?
Well, you’re in the right kitchen… to promote your kitchen.

Welcome to The Kitchen of Brands Trumpet…

  • A place where we serve effect marketing strategies on a baccarat crystal platter. ( Yup, we are always classy)
    A strategy specially cooked as per your tastes and requirements, sprinkled with creativity, and centered around the science and art of research and optimization.
    So sit back and relax. Have a drink, while you read the menu and select the dish that will make you lick the plate clean.

SEO & Strategy Consulting

The starter you need to increase the overall reach of your website. It comes with your own private Digital Marketer, ready to guide you on what to say, where to say and how to say it. If you want the strategy consulting and help to increase your audience reach, then this is the perfect cuisine for you.

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Food Photography/ Videography

  • Well, you’ve spent thousands of hours and rupees in perfecting your restaurant, refining the dishes. And now it’s time to share it with your audience. Photos and videos over Instagram and Facebook can create a massive fan following for your restaurants. So if you are ready to work with professionals who carry DSLRs like a locket, then this dish would satisfy your hunger

    Want a Food Photography/Videography session?

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  • You’re launching your restaurant’s website and craving for a web design that will match the tastes of your customer, represent your brand, and attract your web visitors to your restaurant. If you’re hungering for a branding and web-designing team- this dish may hit the spot. P.s.- More than 80% of restaurant websites are searching on mobile phones. And if you don’t have the right design, you will simply lose the chance to attract new customers and get more bookings.

    Interested in Branding & Designing?

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    Social Media

  • You need a massive following on your social media page, that not only establishes a rapport with your audience but also turns followers into customers. And customers creating more followers. When they post their check-ins, their pictures, and reviews on social media. If you want to increase or improve your social media presence, we highly recommend letting this dish dissolve in your mouth.

    Interested in Social Media Marketing?

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Review Management

  • In case your mood is off because of the bad reviews coming from the people. Let us present you with our soothing drink of Review Management. This dish takes away all of your worries by countering the negative/hate comments with the positive ones. After having this drink, you will be intoxicated by the likes and positive comments

    Interested in Review Management Services?

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    Branding & Designing

  • Probably you are looking for something unique. You want your brand to be different. You want it to stand out from others. If you want to take your restaurant’s branding to the next level, with a right and consistent message, then you might want to try this one out.

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Our Price Plans


400 /mo
  • Responsive Website (5 Pages)
  • 10 Keywords
  • 3 Social Media Account
  • 4 Blogs/month
  • SEO Starter

Enterprise Recommended

1200 /mo
  • Responsive Website (25 Pages)
  • 50 Keywords
  • Any 5 Social Media Account
  • 12 BLogs/month
  • SEO Enterprise


600 /mo
  • Responsive Website (15 Pages)
  • 25 Keywords
  • 3 Social Media Account
  • 8 Blogs/month
  • SEO Advance

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