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  • Everyone knows what a franchise is, right?

    It’s McDonald’s and KFC. It’s Subway and Chroma.

    But you would be surprised to know that even some of the biggest janitorial services are also franchises. The same is true for carpet cleaning, wood renovation, house cleaning, and dozens of other industries. There are franchises that specialize in cleaning bathrooms, cutting your hair, and even taking care of your pet.

    You name it, and chances are it has been franchised.

How it Works?

In simple terms, a franchisee is someone who pays a franchisor an initial franchise fee, averaging around Rs 10,00,000, in present times, for the right to use the franchisor’s trade name using the franchisor’s business model.
The franchisee brings all capital, he takes the all risk. And the franchisor gets a 5%-10% commission on all gross sales as a royalty. In return, the franchisor trains the franchisee and his staff to run the business according to its standards.

Franchising is a kind of system of co-dependent business relationships that enables various individuals to share :
  • Identification of a brand
  • A verified marketing and distribution method
  • An simple and standard system of doing business

What are the types of franchises?

  • Franchise depends on various factors that differentiate every kind of franchise model, such as the overall terms or size of using the brand name.

    There are three major types of franchise, these are:
  • Manufacturing franchises
  • Business format franchises
  • Single operator franchises, or Product franchises
  • Brand Trumpet deals in two major parts: advice and help. Our franchising service covers a wide group of franchises that offer large, medium and small businesses with the advice and help when they require keeping their business operations running successfully and smoothly.

Benefits of Getting Your Business Franchised

  • Capital
    The requirements of franchisor’s capital will be lesser as the franchisees offer the capital to open every franchised outlet.
  • Effective and Motivated Management
    The local management of every franchised unit will be very effective and highly motivated. They take care of the franchise items as their own and that will generally lead to higher sales and profit levels.
  • Smaller Number of Employees
    The volume of staff members which a franchisor requires to manage a franchise network is much lesser than they would require running a company network of owned units.
  • Growth Speed
    The network of a franchise can grow as quick as the franchisor can expand its infrastructure to support, train and recruit its franchisees.
  • Reduced Participation in Everyday Operations
    The franchisor will not participate in the daily operations of every franchised outlet.
  • Improving Brand Equity
    Leveraging off the franchisee’s assets helps franchisors develop their brand equity and market share more effectively and quickly.
  • Loyalty of Customer
    Using the power of franchising by the Franchisors is a method to create client loyalty- to attract more clients and to keep them.
  • International Growth
    International growth is faster and easier since the franchisee possesses knowledge of the local market.
  • Promotion and Advertising
    A franchisor will get the target client effectively via promotion initiatives and co-operative advertising.
    The business failure risk is reduced by franchising. Your company is based on proven strategies. Our company provides help and advice for your franchising in which you will get better growth.

How Franchising Grows Your Company?

  • Franchising is a process for the sustainable, consistent replication of an organization’s brand. This process is based on a contractual bonding between the local franchisees and franchisor who are accountable for independently controlling their businesses to get the brand standards created by the franchisor. Franchisors who are successful provide their franchisees with confirmed business methods essential for them to expand and control their businesses. A large number of people view franchising as a promise much like a marriage. A great match between franchisee and franchisor, sharing common goals over the lasting, is important to achieve every franchise unit. The brand is a necessary factor that must be considered sincerely by both parties before signing any contract.
    Franchising is the bonding that the franchisor makes with its franchisees. The franchisee manages and operates its business independently according to the terms of their agreement with the franchisor. At Brand Trumpet, we have a team of experts that always ready for your help. We give you the best advice about your franchising and help you to understand the legal formalities.

What Is Important Before Franchise Agreement?

  • Before you sign any franchise agreement, finish your homework means do some research on the organization you are bearing in mind becoming a part of. You should check the franchisor success and its reputation before doing any commitment. It is not guaranteed that you will get success because you are utilizing a business idea that worked for someone else. After taking a franchise, you must work hard and reach your business target. However, there some elements are important like - hard work. It is the key to success with franchising.
    If you are planning to get a franchise of any reputed company, then you can take advice and help from the team of Brand Trumpet. We have lots of experienced and skilled people who will guide you perfectly and help you in every step.

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