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Outdoor Branding

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  • Outdoor branding is a golden opportunity for your brand to reach wide viewers. It is also a great chance to be innovative and get your brand more publicity as compared to online marketing options. However, it is also a major point that you have to hire efficient and skilled graphic designers if you wish actual traction from your outdoor marketing materials. You can leave all the hard work to Brand Trumpet. With our experienced designers, you get to have over thousands of designs for your marketing.

Some common types of outdoor branding which we provide

  • Guerrilla advertising
  • Mobile billboards.
  • Point of sale displays.
  • Billboard advertising.
  • Transit advertising and wraps (trains, subways, buses, taxis, etc.)
  • Street furniture (telephone booths, kiosks, bus shelters, etc.)
  • Outdoor advertising signifies a clear way to clients. Various outdoor venues provide help to a captive client to the brand. For instance, printed ads on the walls of a subway train can be extremely useful, as it keeps the service or product in the audience’s mind during their journey. At Brand Trumpet we have infinite advertising solutions focusing on, public transport places retail spaces, roadside and city crowded environments for utmost visibility. Back-lit jumbo pillars and Unipoles at major locations are important to reach a broad audience.

    This type of marketing is very effective and mounting popularity day by day. The ability of outdoor branding affects our opinions and judgments towards brands are genuine. Take a moment and just think about outdoor branding in your city. You will be able to understand that the advertisements impact how you observe brands, without you even feeling it. Brand Trumpet provides a wide range of both creative and traditional multi-format media for outdoor branding. Outdoor marketing formats fall into 6 major groups: highways, roads, street, billboards, alternative and transit.

Why is Outdoor Branding Important?

  • Whether your business is big or small, outdoor branding is a vital tool of marketing. But various people do not know what outdoor branding is. It is a type of marketing activity utilized to make value, popularity, and awareness of a brand. Outdoor branding is an amazing method for the engagement of people. The most common instance of outdoor branding is the utilization of billboards. Outdoor branding is also known as OOH advertising means Out-Of-Home advertising. It is a way of communication with individuals while they are out of their home. Nowadays, most of the companies spend extra on outdoor marketing to reach an active audience. Brand Trumpet is the place where you can get all types of outdoor branding at very affordable prices. We have a team of seasoned and skilled people who have the potential to plan perfect ideas for your outdoor advertising. We offer a wide array of both innovative and traditional multi-format media for outdoor advertising.
    We tell you what the advantages of outdoor branding are:
  • Outdoor branding is a great way of informing the moving population.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Once an advertisement board is installed at an area, it generally remains there for a longer duration. Thus, it makes a long-lasting impression on the people.
  • It could be installed at a place where the perfect impact can be created.
  • Paintings and pictures increase the importance of outdoor advertisements.

Costs Related to Outdoor Branding

  • Cost calculation of outdoor branding is related to a method known as GRP (Gross Ratings Points), the impressions that are provided by a media program for the outdoor site. This is known as the DEC (Daily Effective Circulation), also called "showing." One rating spot is equal to 1 percent of the market population. So many factors are involved associated with size, location, visibility, and traffic
    How to Decide the OOH Rating?

    Impressions – Volume of individuals who view the advertisement, based on area and circulation of the billboard.

    Demographics – Breakdown of billboard’s viewers by income level, gender and age.

    Flow – Total number of traffic that passes the display.

    How to Decide the OOH Rating?
  • Metro duct panels
  • Bus Shelters
  • Unipoles
  • IRTC station
  • Bill Boards
  • Bridge Panels

Our Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Branding Successful

  • Choose High-Traffic Places
    If you are thinking of acquiring huge-sized transit advertising but located in a place where only a few can notice then you are just wasting your time and money. At Brand Trumpet, we choose high-traffic places even if your advertisements or billboards are not so big. Most important thing for us is to attain more public to observe your advertisements rather than having a large that no one seems at.
  • Make Them Compelling
    Make your outdoor advertising planning out of the box so that when public view your billboard, they wish for making a video or clicking a picture and share it with other people. You are getting observed while being advertised for free! Make a shock and stir the public but never overdo it to cause any aggressive actions, you need them to observe you, not hate you. A team of Brand Trumpet is popular to create custom outdoor solutions that can easily attract the attention of your audience positively. Our knowledgeable team always creates effective outdoor branding that can enhance your audience.
  • Look at the Competition
    It is important that you must do some research and find out who are your competitors. You should aware of these things where your competitors install their advertisements. It pays to recognize who your competitors are so that you can play and win with your competitors in this marketing game. At Brand Trumpet, we first finish our homework before coming into the marketing arena as we believe keeping our client on the top position.

What are the Functions of Outdoor Branding?

  • There are six functions of outdoor branding which an advertisement seeks to attain. When a firm wants to enhance the recognition of a product or brand as part of its branding strategy in marketing, outdoor advertising is the way to go. At Brand Trumpet, we understand the need of outdoor branding so that we provide the best outdoor advertisement services to our client. Using these functions, we just endeavor to create an enduring impression on your audience so that your brand could be memorable for a long-time.
    Main functions of outdoor advertisements:
  • Reminder to use
  • Cost-effective way
  • Awareness
  • Long-lasting impact
  • Changing belief about the brand
  • Making the image of the company
  • Generate direct sales
  • Brand Trumpet is the one-stop destination where we keep all these functions in our mind for the best results. Our team of seasoned designers always endeavors to provide the most creative and bespoke outdoor branding ideas. So, you can contact us anytime 24x7, we are always ready for your help with the most innovative ideas.

Our Price Plans


400 /mo
  • Responsive Website (5 Pages)
  • 10 Keywords
  • 3 Social Media Account
  • 4 Blogs/month
  • SEO Starter

Enterprise Recommended

1200 /mo
  • Responsive Website (25 Pages)
  • 50 Keywords
  • Any 5 Social Media Account
  • 12 BLogs/month
  • SEO Enterprise


600 /mo
  • Responsive Website (15 Pages)
  • 25 Keywords
  • 3 Social Media Account
  • 8 Blogs/month
  • SEO Advance

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